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A Case Study: Patsy Chingwile from Leichardt Public School, Sydney, 770 students.
What were your reasons for starting Calendar Art at Leichardt Public School?
"What interested me about your product was the opportunity for the child to have their artwork mediated, displayed and appreciated. The child's self-esteem is impacted hugely on a daily basis - my philosophy being that every child is an artist with their own style. The more a child appreciates their own style, the more commitment they can access to the art-making process, and the more satisfying the experience becomes, as well as the artwork itself. Your product completely supports this process."
And after all these years working together – how is it going?
"We’re getting a really good response. What I like is that the children get a fine piece of art that they can actually take home. I think a big part of this is that the students’ art is gorgeous. I am passionate about the  children as artists." 
So you’re a fan of the way we turn each student’s art into items they can take home?
"I love the product – it’s delightful. To have the children’s work turned into all these beautiful products, I think it’s just incredible. "
Rachael McFetridge ran the Art-based fundraiser in 2016 for a public school of 700 students. Here is what she had to say…..
In 2015 the School did Calendar Art but in 2016 switched to the new way of running Calendar Art – how did it go? 
“For us in 2016, the new way worked absolutely fantastically. In 2015 we spent a lot of time, about 30 hours, so this new way cut down a ton of time, which is really good. And I like systems anyway, so I found it really good. I’d already agreed to take on it really good. I’d already agreed to take on the project, regardless of whether it was online or not. So for me it was an added bonus. I didn’t have any concerns.  My opinion was it was going to be better, easier, and clearly it was.  It was fantastic!  For example, to organise and hand the orders back out to the students, it would have taken me about an hour, and only because I did it by myself - it was very easy.”
How long did you spend on it and how much did you raise?
In total, I would have spent six or seven hours, maybe… and we raised about $5,500. Which is about $2,000 more than the year before. It was one of our largest fundraisers. We had three very large ones, this was the fourth largest, but for the amount of work involved, for the return, then I’d definitely rate it higher up. I would definitely promote it, as in that it is easy for the fundraising.
How did the parents find it? 
"I felt it was easy for the parents to operate and order. I didn’t get any negative feedback from parents about the online ordering. Which is a credit to you all. That’s really good because there’s always somebody that will complain, isn’t there? But there wasn’t.”
Are there any other things you could think of?
“With Kids Art Works, compared with other fundraisers that we do, the parents are getting something for it. It’s nice because it’s personalised. They’re getting to see the art, and so it’s quite a different fundraiser for us. Obviously, we got more orders from doing it online and I think as well one of the factors for us was that they could look at their child’s art. So they knew what they were getting. Originally, our plan before this Online Calendar Art was, that we were going to get the art and display it for the parents to come and look at it if they wanted to, and that was agreed to by our team. But how many parents are going to come and look at it? Not everybody gets to come to school anymore, so I felt like it was a bit of a time-waster. So, for us, the fact that you could view the art online, that made that whole process so much easier. It was helpful. I found it user-friendly. It was awesome!
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