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- Are you able to identify those activities?
- Can you leverage them effectively?
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Here’s the important thing: experienced organisers have been fundraising for a long time...
A Case Study: Patsy Chingwile from Leichardt Public School, Sydney, 770 students.
What were your reasons for starting Calendar Art at Leichardt Public School?
"What interested me about your product was the opportunity for the child to have their artwork mediated, displayed and appreciated. The child's self-esteem is impacted hugely on a daily basis - my philosophy being that every child is an artist with their own style. The more a child appreciates their own style, the more commitment they can access to the art-making process, and the more satisfying the experience becomes, as well as the artwork itself. Your product completely supports this process."
And after all these years working together – how is it going?
"We’re getting a really good response. What I like is that the children get a fine piece of art that they can actually take home. I think a big part of this is that the students’ art is gorgeous. I am passionate about the  children as artists." 
So you’re a fan of the way we turn each student’s art into items they can take home?
"I love the product – it’s delightful. To have the children’s work turned into all these beautiful products, I think it’s just incredible. "
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